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Crocopala kenya safari

This is a pretty comprehensive photographic record of the animals we encountered on our four week Kenya Safari.

Please excuse me if some of the pages do not yet have illustrations or comments, they will be up as soon as I am able.

In the mean time, please take a look at some of the safari park animals that we spotted, listed by the national parks we visited in January 2012, starting with Amboseli National Park.

If you spot any errors or omissions, please email me with corrections.


Baboon P1.

Buffalo Cape P1.

Cheetah P1.

Crocodile P1.

Dik Dik P1.

Eagle Marshall's P1.

Eland P1.

Elephant P1.

Fox Bat Eared P1.

Gazelle Grants P1.

Gazelle Tomson's P1.

Gerenuk P1.

Giraffe Masai P1.

Giraffe Reticulated P1.

Giraffe Rothschilds P1.

Hartebeest P1.

Hippopotamus P1.

Hyaena P1.

Hyrax P1.

Impala P1.

Jackal P1.

Klipspringer P1.

Kudu P1.

Leopard P1.

Lion P1.

Mongoose Banded P1.

Monitor Lizard P1.

Monkey Colobus P1.

Monkey Vervet P1.

Monkey Sykes P1.

Oryx P1.

Ostrich P1.

Rhinoceros P1.

Serval P1.

Topi P1.

Vultures P1.

Warthog P1.

Waterbuck P1.

Wildebeest P1.

Zebra P1.