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I didn't realize until I got back home to England that I had not taken any good pictures of the eland. These are the best that I got, I'm afraid; they were all taken in Tsavo National Park.

Tsavo was a bit of a disappointment, not because of the lack of eland, but because the vegetation was much too dense, the animals much too scarce for photography.

We spent three days there, hunting for a pack of hunting dogs that had been reported, but not only did we not find those, we found little else.

We also sought out the red elephants of Tsavo, but saw almost no elephant at all. We had one encounter with elephant on the last day at Tsavo, which became quite exciting.

A couple of young elephant walked into the road and would not let us pass for quite some time. In fact we decided it would be wiser to retire until they left, which they did after around 20 minutes.

We were there in January 2012. Perhaps we will return at some other time, some other season, but Amboseli, Sweetwater, Samburu and Masai Mara were incomparably better both in terms of clear sightings and in number of sightings.

All of the eland shown here were enticed to a nearby water hole which was just adjacent to our sleeping quarters, so we could get up and watch them without much trouble.

It would have been nice if they had been more numerous and I had been more careful about monitoring which animals I had recorded.

Oh well, luck of the draw when on safari.

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