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African Safari, Waterbuck

Lake Naivasha is the location of these waterbuck photographs. The lake is surrounded by lush vegetation and it is a place free from major predators, so, with care you can leave your vehicle and walk amongst the herds of animals.

The first four photographs were taken from a small boat which we hired locally. Cost around 2,500 shillings for the boat and guide, for the three of us for three hours.

This is very, very substantially cheaper, less than half of what our hotel would have charged and we were out for at least an hour longer than the hotel boat.

Another member of the antelope family, the waterbuck comes in two varieties, Defassa and Common. Most easily identified in the rear view, the common waterbuck has a horseshoe shaped white ring around its rump. The sub species Defassa has a completely white rump.

Just to make it that little bit more difficult, in some areas, both types are common and interbreed. The white patches then become less distinct. As this is the only real ay of telling them apart visually, I guess it is easier just to call them all waterbuck.

We were fortunate to be able to take a stroll through a herd of around fifty animals along the lake shore.



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