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African Safari, Hippopotamus

Most of these hippopotamus were photographed at Masai Mara, but Sweetwater also produced a very nice afternoons entertainment. as did Lake Naivasha. Once again, Masai Mara and Sweetwater were the top destinations for us. So far as hippopotamus were concerned, Amboseli was fourth.

Our African safari brought us into contact with a number of animals that really should be more aware of the long term effects of being hit by the Ugly Stick.

The top three destinations are glaringly obvious, Amboseli, Sweetwater and Masai Mara. It is also just about as easy to identify the top three recipients of the Ugly Stick Awards. Warthog, hippo and buffalo, in that order.

At Sweetwater we came across just two hippo floating about. But they kept us entertained for an hour. The hippo yawning below was at Sweetwater, most of the others being Masai Mara.

The Sweetwater guys had play fights and generally appeared to be enjoying themselves, though they kept their distance from us.

At one point, one of the Sweetwater hippos started doing slow rolls and would lie under water, on his back, with just his feet sticking out above the surface.

It is only when they get out of the water that you see just how truly massive these creatures are - their teeth can be up to 20 inches long!!

I say hippo are second only to the warthog in terms of ugliness. In fact hippo and warthog are both relatives of the pig, though so far as I am aware, the hippo is the only one to have webbed feet!

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