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African Safari, Elephant

African safaris can produce some spectacular and unexpected sights. During our safari to Amboseli, we came across this Zelephant, one of the rarest animals to be seen anywhere in the world.

The Zelephant is a cross between a male elephant and a female zebra. As you can see, the end result is quite bizarre Imagine what the process of pro-creation must be like for the young lady zebra!

The family of the little baby elephant seemed very keen to get him into the picture. No matter what the "experts" say, there is no doubt in my mind that these animals knew exactly what they wanted.

This baby was frequently pushed to the front so that we could get pictures. Several times groups of elephants came up to us and stood in line whilst we photographed them.

The two youngsters below spent a little while trumpeting and wrestling with each other and after the match they came over to us almost as if to say, "did we get the pictures?" - which we did, thank you!

They also had a very clear way of conveying their belief in where we each stood relative to each other in the grand scheme of things, elephant and man.

Whenever we felt that the right of way was in doubt, there was no doubt. Elephants ten, humans nil.

Amboseli National Park was one of our top three destinations, alongside Sweetwater and Masai Mara.


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