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African Safari, Hyaena

These spotted hyaena were captured just as the sun was coming up on the plains of Amboseli. In the background Mount Kilimanjaro was clearly visible.

I can't decide on a "best place" for our Kenya Safari, so I put Amboseli, Masai Mara and Sweetwater equal first.

The baby hyaena poking his head out of the den was obviously still very young. He had quite a large family, at least three others around his age plus several adults.

The parents were not the least bit bothered by us and, as with most of the young animals we met, the youngsters just saw us as something else to play with or to show off to. But my word they are ugly animals.

We came across one hyaena devouring an impala although we did not see the kill. He was continually harassed by several dozen vultures that surrounded him.

The trees around were full of vultures too, just like the old cowboy and Indian films.

We were fortunate to get a couple of sightings of the relatively rare striped hyaena when we were at Lake Nakuru, but most of our sightings were here at Amboseli.

Lake Nakuru has a lot of dense vegetation and animal spotting is much more difficult though it is absolutely brilliant for birds.

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