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African Safari, Vultures

I am sure the experts will be able to identify these different vultures. Email me with proper details if you can, please. I have hundreds of different bird pictures which will appear here in time, but to me, I'm afraid, a bird is something you take on a date. And even that doesn't necessarily mean I can remember its name, of course, (tut tut.)

The vultures below were swarming around a hyaena that had acquired an impala. We did not see the kill and we guess that the hyaena probably took it from whatever animal did catch it.

Whatever the situation he had a major job on his hands keeping the vultures at bay.

At times over thirty vultures were on the ground around the hyaena and at least twice, maybe three times that number were crowding all the trees around.

The hyaena employed a trick which we had seen several times before to scare off some of the troublesome birds.

When the harassing got too much for him, he would back off a few yards and fein disinterest in the meal.

The braver vultures would soon close in to try to grab a piece of the action. As soon as that happened the hyaena was straight back at them.

Several times he seemed to brush against the legs of the vultures as they fled. He never caught one but it did serve to frighten them off for a minute or two - not long before they were back.

Eventually a second hyaena appeared on the scene and joined in the snack. That was too much for the vultures, most of which returned to the trees to wait in hope.

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