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African Safari, Hartebeest

All of the Cokes Hartebeest photographed here were caught at Masai Mara, except the last pair which were at Sweetwater.

A striking looking animal, I don't think anyone could describe it as beautiful; long faced, short curly horns, it is quite handsome, I suppose.

The males love to stand on termite mounds so that they can see and be seen.

We saw them mostly in the late evening but they are supposed to be about throughout most of the day, in herds of up to 30+ single males, or a male and harem of up to 15.

We never found any Jackson's hartebeest. Jackson's are distinguishable by their more vertical horns. The Cokes hartebeests horns open quite wide and curve round in a lyre like shape.

Also the Cokes hartebeest has a slightly lighter coat than the Jackson's

Both have the noticeably narrow face and head.

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