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African Safari, Gerenuk

Samburu was where we spotted these gerenuk. We saw very few of them and never very clearly. They seemed very timid and cautious.

This pair watched us for a few moments from the undergrowth but within moments they were gone.

Gerenuk is Somali for giraffe necked and gerenuk are also known as Waller's Gazelle.

The reason for their name is quite obvious - disproportionately long legs and necks give them something of the look of a giraffe, although it has to be said, it is unlikely that the two will ever be confused!

Gerenuk stand on their hind legs to reach higher branches. That and their long necks means they can readily reach six feet up into the bushes, further than most other members of the gazelle family.

The males are noticeably more thick set than the females and have some very nice horns. And my, what grand ears.

I once knew of a prince with ears like that. Or was that a whale?
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