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African Safari, Wildebeest

Amboseli and Lake Naivasha are the two locations for these wildebeest pictures. The early morning sunrise photographs are Amboseli.

The wildebeest is another member of the antelope family, but there is no real problem of identification here. The way the animal stands give him away immediately; rump down, shoulders and head up, the wildebeest is readily recognised at some distance.

Closer up the wider, short cow like horns help, but the clearest indication is the thick whitish beard along with the long, horse like tail.

Wildebeest are significant disease carriers and can cause serious problems amongst domestic cattle, so there tend to be large buffer zones to keep wildebeest and farmed animals well apart.

Lake Naivasha was one of the few areas where it is possible to leave the vehicle, which we did. We got very close to this mixed herd of wildebeest, waterbuck and zebra, but the wildebeest were always very wary of our presence.

So long as we did not walk directly up to them we could sidle close, but as soon as one moved off, a panic set in and the whole herd would start to run.

So long as we kept a reasonable distance, they quickly relaxed again and it was possible to close in on the larger animals, for some close up shots.

Lake Naivasha is not a great place for animals, but fabulous for birds. It was also a good overnight break from the pressures of the main parks, where we always felt obliged to be out photographing the big game.

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