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African Safari, Colobus Monkey

Sorry about the poor quality images here. We saw very few Colobus monkeys during our African safari and those we did see were either far distant or too aggressive to stay around.

These Colobus monkeys were photographed at Lake Nakuru at a location known as Colobus Forest. Unfortunately for us, the area did not live up to its name.

The Colobus was definitely a potential highlight for me so I was rather disappointed at the lack of monkeys and the almost total lack of photographic opportunities. Still, that is safari. It is absolutely impossible to predict what will happen and we did pretty well over all.

I am undecided whether I shall return to Lake Nakuru for these monkeys or whether our next African photographic safari will even be in Kenya at all.

Restrictions on what you can do in the Kenya Game Parks make it quite difficult, if not impossible for some photographic opportunities. For example, you must be in the vehicle at all times. You are never allowed to leave the vehicle in the parks. (Apart from a couple of locations where there are toilets!)

More restrictive is that you are not allowed to be in the parks before sunrise or after sunset. We were quite fortunate, we managed to get some spectacular sunrise and sunset photographs, but they were opportunity shots. Had we had the opportunity to set up properly, we could really have got photographs to write home about.

Perhaps our next trip will be to neighbouring Tanzania. Anyone interested in a Tanzania photographic safari?

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