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African Safari, Crocodile

We were thinking of trying to cross the river just here when our guide suggested we wait a while. He had seen what we had missed, sitting patiently between the rocks, in the river in the top picture.

His little brother is in the picture under that one.

Our accommodation was very good but the mess hall was some way from our sleeping quarters and we were not allowed to walk alone along the river bank to our bunks.

Our guide/guard was the anti crocodile patrol. In order to guarantee our security he had a torch, a whistle and a catapult.

I had reebock running shoes.

We never really felt seriously threatened, but it definitely is not a place for fools or children.

Most of these crocodile pictures were taken in Masai Mara and we did not actually see anything like as many as I had expected. I had lived in South Africa for some time and had become quite used to seeing crocodiles all the time, so I was surprised at just how few there were here.

I know people who wrestle these creatures, they will even go up to a basking croc and stroke its muzzle. But for me crocodiles continually display the most dangerous characteristic of any large wild animal - absolute unpredictability.

Couple that with the instincts of a reptile brain and I keep clear, thank you very much.


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