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African Safari, Hyrax

Hyrax come in three varieties, tree hyrax, rock hyrax and yellow spotted rock hyrax, though they may all live together in the same area.

The rock hyrax is bigger than the yellow spotted hyrax, has a more noticeably square head, has coarser, darker fur. So the first three pictures are rock hyrax, all photographed at Lake Nakuru

The other three are yellow spotted hyrax photographed at Tsavo.

The feet of the hyrax are not unlike the feet of the elephant. And in fact, this rabbit sized animal is a relative of the elephant. Hyrax and elephant both come from a common ancestor!

Hyrax have two large incisors which are tusk like and are used in fighting. However they are relatively sociable and it is not uncommon to see piles of them huddled together, one on top of the other, to keep warm.

Up to 30 hyrax may be seen together.

hyrax lake
rock hyrax lake nakuru
tree hyrax tsavo
lake nakuru rock hyrax
hyrax photographic safari keny tsavo
tsavo safari hyrax
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