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I think of all the Kenya National Parks we visited on our African safari, Amboseli is probably my favourite (Masai Mara is a close second).

Large numbers of animals, particularly elephant, the open land which makes viewing easier, the spectacular backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, all make Amboseli National Park a pretty impressive place to be. And the sunsets are just fabulous.

But others think so too, so plan your Amboseli safari dates accordingly. Amboseli safaris can become rat races as many vehicles jockey for the best viewing positions when a lion or a leopard is spotted.

Elephants, cape buffalo, impala, lion, cheetah, hyaena, giraffe and widebeest are common and readily spotted in Amboseli National Park.

Amboselis wide open spaces are prone to winds in the dry season and dust is a major problem. Frequently dust devils can be seen across the plains and some of them are quite spectacular. Photographers, you have been warned, do your lens changes with caution.

And in the rainy season many roads become impassable for long periods of time. Our visit was early in January 2012 and we had no major problems apart from the occassional dust storm which was more of a visual spectacular than any problem.


A giraffe at sunset.
Mount Kilimanjaro on the right and below,
A dust storm creates quite a stunning image.
A very young hyaena pops its head out of its den to inspect us. A secretary bird hunts out its favourite food.

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