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African Safari, Oryx

These oryx, the only ones we spotted, were in Samburu National Park. Beautiful, large antelope with horns that can extend to over 2ft 6in. Unusually the horns of the female are longer than the male.

They lived up to their reputation of being shy and wary. So long as we kept moving they stayed on the scene, but within moments of us stopping they would move away.

They have an obvious light tan/brown colouring with a very distinctive black and white striped face.

Less obvious unless you know to look out for it is the black stripe under the belly, and the black strip near the top of the forelegs.

Thomson's gazelle also have a black stripe between tan top coat and white underbelly, but Thomson's are much smaller, more delicate animals and the horns of the Grant's are bent back in a double recurve, unlike the straight, tall horns of the much more solid looking Oryx.


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