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Zion National Park, Utah

For me Zion National Park is all about colour and spectacle. Not that far from Bryce Canyon, it is so totally different from that and any other place.

In Zion you really must leave your car and walk the trails, many of which are flat and level, some of which are very, very rugged and challenging.

The geology and the plant life here is just amazing. This first picture could almost be a water colour wash over a pen and ink drawing. We saw very little wildlife and few birds, but I am assured there is a great variety of both.

Our visit was in mid October and the colours of the rock contrast brilliantly with the reds and yellows of the vegetation at that time of year. Even in October Zion was quite busy, perhaps in part because of its location.

Zion lies across a fairly major through route, so whether you like it or not, if you are passing through this way, you are going to have to pay for park entrance. Try to make at least a day of it. Zion probably deserves a day or two, even for non hikers.

Early morning and evening light are again the very best times for photographers, but because of the steep sided valleys and narrow canyons, in places thelight fades early.

If you are a keen photographer, keep a close watch on the geology of the place or you may find yourself well into deep shadows before you get the light you require.

We only had a few hours for our trip, but we certainly plan to return here and stop over for a night or two, when we can.

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