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Little Bighorn National Monument, Montana

What can you say about Little Bighorn? A tick off the list? Been there, done that? Little Bighorn National Monument is so much more than that. Passers by, people of all nations might beneficially pay a visit to Little Bighorn. For the conquerors, it should be compulsory.

This huge field contains a visitor centre, museum and shop. A memorial or two, and a strong proof of the old saw, history is written by the victors.

Not the victors of this battle, that's for sure, but the victors of the war in which this was just one of many battles.

Standing on the top of the hill you can gaze out over the amber waves of grain and realise just who paid for this, who it belonged to, and who took it.

The guides are apparently under no illusions. But it is interesting to be a part of the audience when the guides deliver their unabridged, unbiased version of the history of this place.

Much of what is said is unquestionably true, but it is an unpalatable, unacceptable truth to some, that is apparent from the reaction of some members of the audience.

Scattered into the distance are faint white stones, marking the spots where individuals fell. So what? They're just dead people.

Perhaps some people could benefit from a trip to Khartoum, Sidi Barani or Baghdad. Not for one moment do I think it will make any difference to the war. But it just might to the battle.

If you are nearby, call in.

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