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Page Slot Canyons, Arizona

Another great place to visit with a unique experience for visitors. Alongside Olympic National Park in Washington, this is place really offers something well out of the ordinary; you really should try to get to.

The canyons are a few miles out of town and you will need an Indian guide to get into the slot canyons, which are potentially dangerous in bad weather. Otherwise, the upper canyon is safe and not difficult to get into and around.

If you are a bit infirm or unsure of your abilities take the popular tour to the upper canyon. The entrance is easy, the walking upright and relatively easy.

The lower canyon entrance is pictured below. It is quite tight and there will be a lot of squeezing in the canyon. There are also quite a few steel ladders to climb down, and one very long ladder to climb up to get back out of the lower canyon.

But don't be put off by this. The upper canyon is accessible to the average granny and it really is well worth the effort.

For photographers, set up your camera before you go in, and don't change lenses. These places are dusty. Fine sand is running down from the rim into the canyon all the time. Select a good wide angle lens, I used 17mm, and don't change it. Exposures up to 1.5 minutes were normal at 200 ISO.

Page is close to Lake XXX which is a very nice place to be. We had hoped to hire a boat for a few days, but prices were astronomical, far higher than we were prepared to pay for a small, basic boat.

Scenic drives are all round, particularly to the east and south. Make Page Slot Canyons a must visit place.

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