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Glacier National Park, Montana

Glacier National Park is high on my list of favourites of all US National Parks, Yellowstone and Yosemite being the other two.

Glacier Park is undoubtedly at its best in the autumn, which is when these pictures were taken. Glacier can get very crowded in the summer. Spring is also pretty good, particularly in Logan Pass when the whole area seems to be covered in wild flowers.

All of the photographs here were taken from public car parks. There is so much rand scenery everywhere it is almost unnecessary to get out of your car.

In fact, as we have seen before, people would drive up to some of these spots, a window would wind down, an arm would appear with a small camera in its hand, a quick snap shot and gone. Not the best way to enjoy this magnificent place!

There are many walks and hiking trails, alas no longer available to me since my legs packed in, but as I said, there is still so much to enjoy, even within a few yards of the car.

As with most of the scenic parks, if you are a photographer there is no substitute for early morning or late evening light.

The drive from the main gates to the lake head is quite long so you will need to be on the road early, but it is most definitely well worth it.

glacier montana
Lake McDonald Montana
Montana glacier national park
glacier national park
mule deer glacier
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