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Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Bryce Canyon is another great place to visit. We only stayed overnight at the nearby Rubys Inn which was adequate; large and noisy with parties of excited youngsters in the main building, but the food at Rubys Inn was quite good and we had an undisturbed night.

Bryce Canyon is another of those places which requires a very early start. You really should try to be there before sunrise. The ground not only changes colour but the light itself seems to come up out of the many hoodoos, which glow orange and yellow.

The hoodoos are the rock formations that stick up everywhere. They are what gives Bryce Canyon its unique character.

It is possible to take long walks down into the canyon, but remember if you are there early, it is going to get hot, very, very hot, so be prepared. Also, you are several thousand feet above sea level.

The air was ok for me whilst I was up on top, but I certainly noticed the difference after I had walked to the valley floor. The heat was far more intense down there and the thin air made walking back up the long winding trail very demanding.

But you should do it if you are up to it. The views from the bottom are just as spectacular and special as those from the top. Carry water and chocolate - even if you don't eat chocolate, you may pass me on the trail, and I do.

Unless you are a keen walker/hiker then I think one overnight at Bryce, giving a full morning to see the canyon is quite adequate. Two nights maximum, for me.


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