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Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

These pictures cannot begin to do justice to the grandeur of the Grand Canyon. This place is all about panoramas. You need to be there to take it in.

There are places to visit and things to do that qualify for the tick list. Things to be ticked off the list, so that you can say to yourself, "been there, done that."

The Grand Canyon is most definitely one place to visit, but it is so much more than a tick in a box. If you never go anywhere else, visit the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. And do it whilst you are young - they are both potentially life changing experiences.

The north rim is less accessible but also less crowded. The more accessible and more crowded south rim is, in my opinion much the better of the two. And once again, be there very early in the morning or late evening for the sunrise/sunset.

Best, and by far the most crowded spot for sunset is Lipan Point on the south side.

There are plenty of trails, including down into the canyon bottom. If your feet or lungs won't take it, you can take a donkey ride down and back.

The donkeys are survivors, they have no interest in taking flying lessons, hence they are very sure footed, and I am assured, quite safe. If a donkey flinches, so the experts tell me, it tends to step backwards - make sure it is always facing outwards!!

More tick list places in the US? You must visit Yellowstone and Yosemite. Not on a bus tour, but self drive, in your own time.

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