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Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park needs no explanations. Yellowstone contains more thermal springs and geysers than the entire rest of the world combined.

This is a spectacular place at any time of year, but I think it is at its best, if least accessible in the early winter. Our last visit there was in October and already some roads were snow closed. But the skies where generally clear, and equally important, so were the roads and the car parks.

This is an immensely popular park and it can get very crowded indeed during peak periods. Do not go there in the school holidays, if you can avoid it.

It was eye opening to be up at Old Faithful, just before one of its eruption times. Large numbers of passenger coaches appear, their self loading cargo disgorges itself and heads for the viewing platform. Old Faithful performs, the cargo returns itself to its seat on the coach and, in a flash, they're gone!

We spent a week here in late September and then returned a month later for several more days. We regretted not a minute of it and as a bonus for our relatively late visit, we had the place virtually entirely to ourselves.

As you might expect, accommodation is not cheap and some of it is definitely not the highest quality, but by and large it is in line with expectations.

The roads are good, but not designed for people in a hurry. Once you are here, just take it steady and visit every site you possibly can.

The last two pictures were taken in heavy snow, just a few yards off the road. Even in thick fog and heavy snow, this is still a fabulous place to be.

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