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Arches National Park, Arizona

Arches National Park is certainly one of my favourite places to visit. Not just because of the park itself, but also because of the national parks location in some of the most spectacularly scenic country in the world.

We drove in from Denver, past a deserted town called Cisco. The road in to Moab, once you pass Cisco is a delight in itself. Don't try top make distance, drive slowly and stop frequently. Enjoy the fabulous scenery. But just be aware, as with many of these roads, there are no services at all between centres.

We had a map which identified towns according to population levels and if a town is shown with a population range from zero to five hundred, don't be at all surprised if the population really is zero. No people means no fuel or accommodation, either. carry plenty of supplies.

Moab is the nearest town to Arches National Park and to be honest I would not give the hotels there twopence for their service and value. Same with the restaurants. If ever there was a place resting on its laurels, Moab is it. (See Mono Lake & Lee Vining for worse!)

Arches National Park is best visited early in the morning, or just before sunset. The colours are amazing and very well worth the effort. It can get blazing hot and the light hard and glaring in the middle of the day.

Goblin Valley and Canyonlands are easy drives away from Moab and both well worth visiting. We had close encounters with coyote in Canyonlands.

Indian rock art is around, if you search it out.

arches national park sunset delicate arch
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