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St Petersburg was certainly the highlight we thought it would be. We were on a Viking River Cruise down the Volga, from Moscow for about two weeks. Perfect weather all the way, until we got to St Petersburg where it rained, in buckets, for our three days.

But not to worry, much of what St Petes has to offer is indoors anyway. Nothing prepares you for the sight of these palaces, where one of the biggest decisions of the day was, "Which palace shall we use today?"

The gold is incredible, in the Winter Palace, Peterhoff, everywhere. What I hadn't known before we went to St Petersburg is that the Amber Room at the Winter Palace has been fully restored.

High on my list of places to vist, things to see, the Amber Room was one the one minor dissapointment, probably because, having seen the rest of the palace, and after years of anticipation, nothing could live up to the expectation.

It is quite incredible, walking from one room to another, in almost endless succession, each room grander, more golden, perhaps more gaudy than the other, wondering, did the occupants of these rooms ever become so familiar with them that they stopped noticing?

Far in excess of Versailles or any other grand palace, thes St Petersburg palaces are a must. Expect crowds like you've never experienced them before. And queues. Be patient, it's worth it.

The crowd below stood in pouring rain outside the Peterhoff waiting for the fountains which come on at 11.00 am every day. More people watching!

St Petersburg palace
Winter palace st petersburg
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Peterhoff St Petersburg
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