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We took a cruise down the Volga, from Moscow to St Petersburg in May 2012. I must say, it was one of the best cruise experiences we have had. We used Viking River Cruises and I would highly recommend them.

The Russian boat on the right is just passing by our boat, The Truvo, moored about 25 minutes outside Moscow. Not particularly convenient, but Moscow is a very crowded, noisy, grubby place and so it is probably better to be a bit away from the centre.

Moscow is no different from many other cities around the world; there is a lot of development, and not necessarily for the best. Typical of many cities, old buildings in the centre have been altered at street level to provide plate glass shop fronts. Look above ground level and some of the faded glory of times past is still there.

I would not recommend Moscow to anyone as a self organised place for holidays. Definitely do not bring a car here, or children.

Muscovites generally are unlikely to show awareness of anything beyond their own immediate requirements, particularly on the roads. Moscow is certainly very akin to Naples and other Latin cities when it comes to driving. No one gives way, and if a driver cannot make progress, then the next best option appears to be to make sure that no one else does, either.

That said, Moscow is high on the list of places to visit, just to tick off a trip around the Kremlin, a night cruise on the canals or a trip to Red Square and St. Basils, at night.

The underground is very good, some stations are fabulous works of art, but a Muscovite commuter using the underground does not give way and is likely to be travelling at high speed when he pushes past you!!

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