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There is no doubt that you are going to see a lot of onion domes on the many Russian churches you will pass on the cruise from Moscow to St. Petersburg. This little church is right on the river bank as you approach Uglich, one of the stops for Viking River Cruises.

Some of these churches are a bit plain on the inside, but a surprising number are very well decorated with religious icons and images, like this one in Uglich.

Uglich is a colourful little place, where we had a chance to visit an old Russian lady in her home. She makes her own vodka, of which she is very proud, and very possessive.

And yes, she did make me, a teetotaller, take several drinks. I felt that not only would it be impolite of me to refuse, it might actually have been harmful to my health to decline the offer.

Uglich was full of characters, including these two ladies, serenading the crowds as they walked past the small market where cruise passengers were buying trinkets.

I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that their most popular melody was Kalinka.

Uglich is a working town and supplements its wealth from tourists. If you feel up to it, you can hire a quad bike and run up quite a hospital bill.

For me, I went back to the Truvor and had a nice relaxing afternoon meal.

Uglich Onion Church
Uglich church
Uglich vodka
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Uglich Vodka volga river
Uglich kalinka singers
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