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There is little doubt that the Russian Imperial Family knew the value of money. The fabulous opulence almost defies belief. Good job they had plenty of peasants from whom to raise the funds for the lifestyle they lead!

St. Petersburg is absolutely a must visit place. Allow at least three days to visit the main houses, the palaces and the Hermitage museum.

Even if you only allow yourself half a day to see the contents of the Hermitage, allow an additional day just to get to the head of the queue to get in!! Another day to get across town, through the traffic and maybe half to a full day with the police, filing a report for the insurance company when your pockets get picked.

Be very careful, very, very careful. I had £2,000 worth of camera gear lifted from my pocket, though after a little chat with the guy who took it I managed to persuade him that my need was greater than his, and he gave it back.

Then I took my hands of his rather swollen and very red neck and we parted company, not entirely on best pall sort of terms. The police, the tour guide and many other people, but particularly the police, looked on in a casually disinterested way. Probably best to visit St Petersburg as part of a tour group.

We took a canal cruise, which was a low point, no input from the guides or crew of the boat and a boring route which managed to avoid most of the good stuff.

The Aurora is a famous naval vessel, significant in the history of Russia, but largely ignored by the tour guides. I managed to get a couple of snaps as we sped by at over 5mph through the traffic.

Catherines Palace St Petersburg
Catherine the great St Petersburg
Aurora St Petersburg
Catherines Palace St Petersburg Russia
Winter Palace Volga
River Volga St Petersburg
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