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The Kremlin is not at all what I expected. As I suspect with most people , the Kremlin, Red Square and St Basil's Cathedral have all become one in my mind.

Kremlin, roughly translated means walled citadel, and there are many examples of Kremlins throughout Russia. However, it has also come to mean the home of the Russian Government in Moscow.

This Kremlin certainly is the headquarters of the Government in Russia and, as such, is a huge walled complex of buildings including churches, government offices, army barracks and accommodation blocks for workers and soldiers.

Some of the buildings are open to the general public and others are open to group tours only. Many are permanently closed. We could easily have spent a whole day going round the accessible buildings in the Kremlin, some of which are very grand buildings.

The police here are very active and clearly enjoy their powers. It is interesting, if you are a people watcher, to watch tourists and other happy people come under the scrutiny of the local police. Step an inch out of line when crossing the road and you are likely to hear the shrill sound of a whistle, aimed directly at you. If accompanied by the sound of hob nailed boots coming rapidly closer ......

Fortunately, I have some military training and experience myself. Experience taught me long ago, that whenever I hear a whistle, (or the bark of a Station Warrant Officers voice) I just instinctively accelerate in whatever direction which will put the maximum possible distance between me and the whistler, in the shortest possible time.

Have an ice cream, sit by a road crossing where the tourists are most likely to cross, wait for a policeman, he won't be far away, and enjoy!


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