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Masai Mara was no different from any of the other parks when it came to gazelle. These Thomson's gazelle are readily identified from the larger Grant's gazelle by the broad black stripe that separates the brown top colour from the white underbelly.

It is very easy to see which of the gazelle, male or female is the most horny. Clearly the male is better equipped in this department!

Despite the number of gazelle and other animals in the Masai Mara National Park, it is still quite remarkable that you can look out over massive, wide open spaces and see nothing.

The Masai Mara is one of the Kenya National Parks where it would be quite possible to self drive, so long as you have a sensible, i.e. large, heavy four wheel drive vehicle.

But you will still need expert advice on where to go to locate the more timid, cautious animals, we spent a very long time stalking leopard and only got a brief glimpse.

The roads in the park are very, very poor in places; not just rutted, but also wet and muddy, even in the dry season. It is best to be very sure of your own competence before committing yourself to some of the tracks, and bear in mind that even if you make it through to the location you are heading for, you may still have to come back through those same mud patched on your return. And they will not have been improved by all the other vehicles and animals wandering through.

The road from Masai Mara to Nairobi is a joke, a disaster for the first couple of hours. We drove in because of the amount of gear we had. If you are travelling light, it would definitely be more sensible to fly in to Masai Mara

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