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Very early one morning we came across these two bat eared foxes catching the first rays of sunlight. They stayed with us for a few minutes before sauntering off back to their dens.

Shortly after that we ere fortunate to catch these two serevals, I think the best looking animals of them all. They were very twitchy and would not let us get close, so we left them alone and they stayed nearby for ten minutes. Unfortunately not close enough nor still enough in the early morning light for us to be able to catch good pictures of them, but it was fun just to watch them stumbling and climbing over each other.

Still the same early morning we came across this cheetah, out searching for breakfast. We stayed with him for around forty five minuetes before he went off across country. We found him again a little while later, having taken an impala.

Over the next hour he was pestered and teased by a couple of jackals and several dozen vultures who all managed to gain a little bit of the cheetahs prize.

The big lizard at the bottom of the pictures never moved at all for the hour or so we were around him. And he was a whole lot bigger in real life than he appears in this little picture!! A dozen other crocodiles lined the Masai River bank close to where a number of hippo played in the water.

The whole place was alive with birds, kingfishers, bee eaters, herons, egrets, cranes ... too many to list and all of them fabulously colourful.

Hopefully there will be more Masai Mara pages to come, in due course, with more pictures of some of these other birds and animals.

masai mara safari bat eared fox
safari kenya bat eared fox
sereval wildcat masai mara
sereval masai mara safari
cheetah masai mara safari
crocodile kenya safari masai mara
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