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The monitor lizard on the right was one of several that we saw in Tsavo National Park. We saw very few lizards and no snakes at all in our four week trip.

There was a large group of banded mongooses close by one of the water holes, but they were very timid and not at all keen on having their pictures taken.

The impala on the left below had a spectacular horn, one of the best, but unfortunately, for what ever reason was one horn short of a pair.

The one and only Klipspringer that we saw stayed well back from us. Klipspringers stand on tip toe on very dainty little feet and we tried to get above him to take some better shots, but the thick vegetation in the area precluded better access.

Even the giraffe is mostly hidden behind dense vegetation. We found out why this one was so shy. This giraffe was accompanied by a youngster which still had its umbilical cord in place. I don't know if this is mother, but I guess the baby must have been less than a day old.

The hyrax on the bottom right was one of quite a large group, but again they kept their distance and were always on the move. Very difficult for photography.

If you are a keen photographer, I would say that Tsavo West should not be at the top of your list.

Amboseli, Sweetwater and Masai Mara all had more and grander animals, much, much clearer views and easier access.


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