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The zebra were at a waterhole directly in front of our room. as you can imagine, it was quite pleasant to wake up to this. But even so, in all honesty, Tsavo, and Mount Kenya, were the biggest dissapointments for us.

At Tsavo West, the vegetiation was just too dense to be able to see much. We got these waterbuck out in the open and we saw quite a few very exotic birds.

We came across recent tracks of what we thought were wild dogs, but we never saw the animals.

Mother and daughter below are, I beleive kudu, though I may be wrong. Let me know if you have a better identification, please.

That's a leopard tortoise at the bottom.

We had expected to see plenty of elephant here in Tsavo West Safari Park, but we saw none at all until the last day, as we were leaving.

Then we were confronted by a small herd of elephant who became quite unfriendly. In our entire four week safari, we only felt it prudent to move away on a handful of occassions. Three of those occassions were in our three encounters with the Tsavo red elephants.

from my relatively limited expereince of Tsavo, and bearing in mind how very nice many of the Kenya Safari Parks are, I would probably not consider returning to Tsavo West.

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