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Lake Nakuru has many, many birds, the most famous of which are the "up to 2,000,000" pink flamingos that swarm the shores of the lake at certain times of the year.

We had read many warnings of the changing ecology and the effects of changing weather patterns on the area and sure enough there were no great flocks of flamingos. In fact there were far, far more pelicans, spoonbills and other birds than there ever was of pelicans. We saw more eagles than flamingos!

That is not to say that the lack of flamingos was a problem. A little bit dis sa pointing perhaps, because we had been lead to believe that we might see these tremendous flocks of pink. Our disappointment at this aspect of Lake Nakuru was probably due to unfairly raised expectations as a result of misplaced, outdated publicity. It seems that these huge flocks are now confined to history.

Put aside flamingos as a reason for going. Just regard them as an additional bonus if you do get to see them. There is no shortage of great bird sightings.

The top one is a violet breasted roller, (I hope! I'm no bird spotter so if I have got it wrong, please let me know.)

Next one is an eagle?? A Chat Ant Eater eating a bug.

Another eagle.

A Tawney Eagle.

A Hamerkop - big bird, eats snakes, I am told.

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