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African Safari, Lake Naivasha, Kenya P1. P2.

Once we were out on the open lake, away from the flooded trees and shoreline, the number of birds dropped dramatically.

It was a pleasant, sceneic trip and made a nice break from the hours spent on safari in the back of the truck.

The hippos, which were in a small bay, pretty much ignored us but occassionaly one or two of them would head in our direction before dissapearing under water.

Our guide immediately backed off. There was no bravado or showing off here. The local guides and boat operators that we used were very professional, cautious when needed and prepared to get in close only when sensible.

I would recommend the local operators in preference to the hotel boat rides. The hotel boats were 2,500 shillings per person, for an hour and a half. We paid the locals 3,000 shillings total, for three people, for three excellent, well guided hours.

We walked through the wildebeest and zebra herds and although we felt no danger, they were a bit skittish. We could get within a few yards of some of them but if one took flight, the herd did tend to move off at high speed.

Overall, I would recommend Lake Naivasha as a safari destination only to keen bird watchers. Apart from that it serves as a conveneient resting place, to have a break from the rear African Safari expereince.

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