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The aeroplane photographs on this site are mostly taken from the ground, with a Canon Eos 1Ds MkIII and 100-400mm lens. The air to air shots are taken from a Chipmunk (difficult!) or Cessna 210 flown by my son. (Unfortunately he has moved away and so if you are a keen, competent and interested pilot with access to an aeroplane which can be flown with the door off, please drop me a line.)

So many aircraft have disappeared for ever from our skies that I plan to embark on a series of studio model photography projects later in the year, photographing models of rare or "extinct" aircraft. Suitable aviation pictures will eventually appear here and will be identified by the grey line which will surround images of aeroplane models and replicas. Again, if you are a very competent aeroplane model maker, with something you think would make a suitable aviation subject, please e-mail me.

I undertake commissions for owners (contact me), air to air or ground to air, from my base in mid Norfolk. And not just aeroplane pictures, but air to ground of your property, agricultural, engineering, architectural or historical subjects.

I got further into taking photographs of aeroplanes when I retired from my position as an airline pilot with Monarch Airlines, in 2000. Aircraft which I have been fortunate to fly; B757; B737; DC9; VC8; F27; Emb 145; Lear 35; C421; C340; C310; C210; PA31; PA18; Maule Lunar Rocket; Austers; Tiger Moth; etc. etc.

I now spend my time, when I can, visiting museums, air shows and collections around the world. The work here is entirely my own so if you spot any mistakes or omissions, please feel free to e-mail me with any corrections or suggestions.