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One on One Photoshop Training Courses are individually adjusted to match the needs and capabilities of the student. Photoshop training will be carried out at an appropriate pace to ensure the the student gains a thorough understanding of the procedures and philosophy of Photoshop The aim is to give the Photoshop student a very solid foundation on which the Photoshop student can build in confidence, so that he will be fully equipped to develop and explore his own advanced techniques. Topics covered in the Photoshop Course include -

Camera Raw; Preferences & Workspace.                      Levels & Curves.                                           Channels.

Adobe Bridge; Organizing & Analyzing Images.              Quick Mask.                                                  Layers & Layer Masking.

Photoshop Workspace & Keyboard shortcuts.               Layer Blending Modes.                                  Smart Layers & Smart Filters.

Tools & Tool Options.                                                      Smart Filters.                                                 Cutting and pasting.

Basic Image Manipulation.                                              Photo Retouching.                                        Selections. 

Two day or weekend Photoshop training courses run from 9.30 until 4.30. The Photoshop course is designed to run at your pace, but the course is comprehensive, so you should come prepared to work! Tea and light refreshments are included. Lunch can be arranged at the nearby pub and accommodation is readily available in the area. The intensive One on One Photoshop course costs £345. If you wish to share a course, a single weekend course for a maximum of two people can be arranged for £400. Please email for available dates.