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Sikorski S-43 (JRS-1)

The Sikorski S-43 was a smaller version of the Sikorski S42 Clipper. Unsurprisingly known as the Baby Clipper in civilian service, the S-43 was variously known as the Sikorski JRS-1 in US Navy service or the OA-8 in USAAF service.

The first flight of the Sikorski S-43 took place in 1935 and over fifty of these smart little amphibians were built, more than twenty Sikorskis finding their way into military service.

Perhaps the most famous operator of the Sikorski S-43 was Howard Hughes who operated just one. Rather ironicaly the most successful operator was Pan American Airways, the arch rival to Hughes airline empire.

If you have any further information or anecdotes regarding the Sikorski S-43 in any of its giuses, please contact me.


This Sikorski S-43 can be seen at Pima Air & Space Museum.

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