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Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer P1.

When I first joined the Royal Air Force, I remember standing at the end of the runway at Royal Air Force St. Athan, one windy morning. A chap was doing circuits and bumps in a Twin Pin.

The only thing is, he was doing the bumps without the circuits. The wind was so strong that he could land in a very short distance, take off , gently fly at a few knots less than the prevailing wind speed, thereby effectively flying backwards, land in the same spot and repeat the performance.

I joined the Royal Air Force in the days before health and safety, when the only answer was, "Yes, I can make this happen."

If you have any experience of this Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer, as an engineer, air crew, designer, builder, anything, any anecdotes or information on this Twin Pioneer, or any other aeroplane, which you would like to see published here, please drop me a note. Thank you.

Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer
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Twin Pioneer Scottish Aviation
Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer
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