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Saunders Roe SR53 P1.

The Saunders Roe was a combined jet and rocket powered interceptor project. Capable of twice the speed of sound, it climbed rapidly to height on its rocket motor and once up at altitude, could then cruise on its jet, to intercept incoming hostile aircraft.

The SR53 was a small and very, very quick aeroplane. Unfortunately too small to carry the necessary radar and weapons systems. A larger aircraft was designed around the SR53, but ... Duncan Sandys!!

Now at Royal Airforce Museum Cosford, this is just one of several aircraft for which we can only say, "What if....."!

If you have any experience of this Saunders Roe SR53, as an engineer, air crew, designer, builder, anything, any anecdotes or information on this SR53, or any other aeroplane, which you would like to see published here, please drop me a note. Thank you.

Saunders Roe SR53
Saunders Roe SR53
Saunders Roe RS53
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