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Handley Page Halifax HX286 HD-T

On the night of December 20th 1943 this 466 Squadron Handley Page Halifax took part in a raid on Frankfurt.

A single engined night fighter with a searchlight fitted in the nose picked up the Halifax and closed with it.

The mid upper gunner, Flt. Sgt. Quirke, saw the enemy approaching and fired just 40 rounds, some of which were seen to hit the target. The enemy aircraft was seen to peel off and descend. Contact was lost to starboard but it was not possible to determine if the enemy aircraft had been damaged.

The captain, Flt. Lt. Forde had been unable to take avoiding action as the Halifax was on its initial bomb run at the time of the interception.

Handley Page Halifax Bomber Pathfinders
Handley Page Halifax Bomber Command
Halifax Bomber Command
Halifax Handley Page Bomber
Handley Page Halifax
Pathfinder Force Halifax Bomber
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