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Consolidated PBY5A Catalina G-PBYA

This Consolidated Catalina saw war time service with 9 Bomber Reconnaissance Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force. In its Canadian military guise it was known as a Consolidated Canso and its primary role would have been long range search patrols looking for enemy submarines.

Post war, Catalina G-PBYA was converted first to freight and then to water bombing as a fire fighter. It served many summers in the fire fighting role before being made surplus to requirments.

G-PBYA was then converted to a rather more passenger friendly configuration, including the fitting of those smoked blisters for improved passenger viewing.

Consolidated Catalina G-PBYA is a very regular, and very welcome performer at UK air shows.

If you have any anecdotes regarding this or any other Catalina that you would like to see included here, please drop me a line.


Consolidated PBY5A Catalina G-PBYA
Consolidated PBY5A Catalina pictures
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pictures PBY5A Catalina G-PBYA
Consolidated PBY5A Catalina G-PBYA
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