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Bristol Blenheim & Bolingbroke

Canadian built version of the Blenheim Mk IV, were known as the Bolingbroke and were used as light bombers and coastal reconnaissance aircraft.

At the time of its first flight in 1935 the Bristol Type 142 (G-ABCZ) was faster than many contemporary fighters. As a consequence of this performance, the aircraft was made available to the Royal Air Force who named it the Bristol Blenheim, in the role of fighter and light bomber.

Unfortunately by the time the Blenheim entered service, fighter technology had advanced considerably and the Blenheim was at a considerable disadvantage against the Messerschmitt Bf109.

Although the Blenheim recorded a number of successes, it was used operationally during the Battle Of Britain, its vulnerability was displayed clearly and disastrously on 13th August 1940 when twelve Blenheim's attacked a German occupied airfield in Northern Denmark.

Chosen for this raid because of its exceptional long range capabilities, one Blenheim returned early due to technical problems five others were shot down by flak, to which the Blenheim was particularly prone. All of the remaining six Blenheim's were brought down by Messerscmitt Bf109 fighter aircraft.

Fitted with AI radar, the Blenheim became a competent night fighter. The Blenheim Mk 1F night fighter was equipped with a ventral pack containing four Browning machine guns and became the first aircraft in history to use airborne radar to track and destroy an enemy aircraft.

A Bristol Blenheim had the distinction of being the first British aircraft to enter German airspace, when, in September 1939, a Blenheim over-flew Wilhelmshaven Naval Base, on a reconnaissance mission.

The Bristol Beaufighter was replaced in the Royal Air Force as a night fighter by the purpose built Bristol Beaufighter.

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