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Avro Lancaster P1. P2. P3.

Avro Lancaster Mk III ME333 TL-S was lost on the night of 5th March 1945, just two months before the end of the war in Europe.

According to eye witness accounts, the aircraft was being pursued by a Luftwaffe night fighter over the target, Chemnitz.

Though it is not entirely clear, the Lancaster, which was returning fire, may have corkscrewed into another Lancaster, bringing them both down.

The aircraft was positively identified when the body of one of the crewmen landed in a garden from which a lady had been watching the battle.

The crew of ME333 who all died that night, included,

Pilot. S/Ldr F. Watson, DFC.

Engineer. F/Sgt G. Cross, DFM.

Bomb Aimer. F/Lt Smith.

Bomb Aimer. W/O L.G. Holland, DFM.

W/Op. F/Sgt S.O. Scott.

Mid Upper. F/O F.J. Pentelow.

Tail Gunner. VA Roe CGM. DFM.

Avro Lancaster ME333 TLS
Avro Lancaster ME333 35 Squadron
Avro Lancaster 35 Pathfinder Squadron
35 Squadron Lancaster TL-S ME333
35 SQuadron Pathfinders Lancaster ME 333
Lancaster ME 333 Pathfinders
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